Neat-Oh! International, LLC is a company born from creativity, innovation and true care for children and parents. Playtime makes kids better in every way—mentally, physically and emotionally. At Neat-Oh! our mission is to “Make playtime even more special.”

“Special” is how we think about consumers.
Neat-Oh!’s products have won over 100 awards and received thousands endorsements from parents across the globe.

“Special” is how we treat the retailers who support our brands. Let us be one of your partners, we strive to give you the best customer service in the world!

“Special” is how we partner, train and manage our factories. Neat-Oh! products have been repeatedly recognized for superior quality, workmanship and materials. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and world-class safety testing programs satisfy even the most discerning parents who want only the best and safest products in their home.

Our toys encourage the kids you care about to get active, get engaged and get their play on with Neat-Oh! toys!

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