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RT @TOYDIRECTORY SPLUSHY™ toys from @neat_oh go from beach to bath to bed! - @ToyFairNY Booth 2667 #TFNY #ToyFair15…

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“I think my favorite part about this is that at almost three Mason is able to zip the playmat back into a storage box easily and most importantly on his own! I’m always so impressed when I see him do it although I’m not sure why, it really is very easy lol.”
tumblr_mdhlnydejY1rdhv8vo1_500“I love this toy from Neat Oh! because it has 2 purposes: Storage and play.”

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Ramp up the Power of Presents! Did you know that one of the biggest thrills of the holidays can come before the present opening time? Research reveals that just the anticipation of getting gifts can trigger the neuro-chemical dopamine associated with happiness. Parents can play with this concept by putting a small-sized present in progressively larger boxes and having kids open one at a time. Another way to ramp up the expectation is to do a treasure hunt with clues to find where Santa has stashed the loot. So, get the biggest bang out of the presents you give for the holidays by adding an element of anticipation. Letters to Santa anyone? #Presents #Santa #holidays

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4 Chemicals that Activate Happiness, and How to Use Them

There are four chemicals in the brain that effect happiness: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. Nicole Lazzaro shows you how to activate them.

Neat-Oh International
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Dinosaurs deserve their own playroom! And that’s what you get with our pre-historic collection of Dinosaur totes, storage boxes, iridescent figurines, back packs and projectors. These creatures inspire imaginative play and the containers provide a place for T-Rex to sleep and stay out from under your feet.

Fill your house with pre-historic creatures this Holiday season. Grab them before they’re gone at

Purchases from this link will support your Neighborhood Toy Stores who will have the opportunity to fill orders using Shopatron Technology.

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December 4, 2016 at 4:30 am

Neat-Oh International shared Dancing Bear Toys - Asheville's photo.

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Dancing Bear Toys - Asheville

Oh look, it's Michelle! Michelle is our resident toy store peg finder. Her favorite foods are crab and hearts of palm, and her favorite book is A Light in the Attic. She has the most beautiful horse in the world, Lexie, and one year for Halloween she dressed up as a ghost. Michelle's favorite toy right now is Neat-Oh International's Magnutto kits! Magnutto Make a Mood is designed to help children identify, express, understand and respond to feeling and emotions. Complete with over 100 magnets, kids can create thousands of facial expressions. There are 3 different Magnutto sets, all at $24.99 each.

Neat-Oh International
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Ho-Ho-Neat-Oh! Santa's On His Way To Your Neighborhood Toy Stores:
Neat-Oh is sold in your neighborhood toy stores nationally. And let me tell you, they have any type of toy you may be looking for. And this Dinosaur T-Rex Projector & Room Guard is a must have for any boy in your life! My grandsons love dinosaurs and everything about them. I can not wait to see their faces when they open this on Christmas. To read more click the link below!
.#Dinosaur #TRex Kelly's Thoughts On Things by Kelly Reci

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Ho-Ho-Neat-Oh! Santa's On His Way To Your Neighborhood Toy Stores

Neat-Oh sells in your neighborhood toys stores nationally. During the holiday season Neat-Oh has everything you can imagine for the perfect gifts!

Parents’ Corner

Neat-Oh! manufacturers patented “smart” children’s toy storage solutions. Smart storage products provide access to all the toys stored inside – even the ones at the bottom of the bin.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our "smart" storage solutions!

The ZipBin Story

Could messiness be the mother of invention? ZipBin® storage originated when my inventive 10-year-old son, Max, and I put our heads together for some true “out-of-the-box” problem solving. Like many boys, Max loves plastic building blocks. And he likes to dump them on the floor-CRASHHH!! Of course, I loved to see Max play, but I groaned when I heard that loud mess of blocks spilling everywhere.

CLICK HERE to read more about our story!

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