A1887XX Nici® Wonderland Clothes: Ballerina Tiara,Tutu, Gaiters & Wings

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  • BALLERINA INSPIRED set includes soft tiara, tutu, gaiters and fairy wings
  • SOFT, CUDDLY REVERSIBLE and made with high quality material
  • FINELY DETAILED to match high quality of the dolls
  • MACHINE WASHABLE and dryable
  • FITS ALL 11.8 inch NICI Wonderland dolls
    Nici Wonderland clothing is available for our sweet cozy cuties. Whether you want to take a trip to grandmothers, play on the swings or listen to a short story, there is just the right ensemble to choose from. In this set you’ll find the perfect accessory for the sweet ballerina. It comes complete with a soft tiara, tutu, gaiters and of course fairy wings. Will fit any of the Wonderland 30 cm dolls.

    Ages 2+


  • Set comes complete with a soft tiara, tutu, gaiters and fairy wings.
  • Machine washable/ dryable
  • Handmade with high quality material
  • Fits all NICI Wonderland Dolls

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