Lunch Box Testing

Test results on Neat-Oh lunch boxes 



Title: Insulating Performance of Neat-Oh!™ Lunch Boxes

Purpose: To test how long a single ice pack keeps a sandwich cold in a Neat-Oh! ™ lunch box

Experimenter: Frank Shapiro

Experiment Dates: The Neat-Oh!™ Go Sport™ lunch box and The Picnic Lunch Box™ were tested on November 11, 2011 and the Blossom Bag™ lunch boxes was tested on January 21, 2012.


Neat-Oh!™ Go Sport™ lunch boxes, Blossom Bag™ Lunch boxes and Neat-Oh! The Picnic Lunch Box™ were tested to determine how long they keep a “typical” lunch cold in a room temperature environment. The actual temperature of the cold cuts in the sandwich was measured over time. After seven hours at room temperature, the cold cuts were still below 50F which, using data from the USDA and Department of Agriculture is well within the safe zone for cooked foods.

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Testing Procedure

We simulated making a lunch on the morning of the day it would be consumed. The experiment was performed in a household using a typical consumer setup. A bologna and cheese sandwich was prepared, put into a plastic bag and placed into a Neat-Oh!(R) lunch box between a single frozen ice pack (a 6-cube ice mat) and a refrigerated juice pouch.

A thermocouple was placed in the center of the sandwich to measure the actual temperature of the cold cuts. Readings were taken from a digital thermometer at 15 minute intervals. Room temperature was approximately 70F during the test.

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The data for time and sandwich temperature is shown below in the chart

All versions of the Neat-Oh! lunch boxes kept the sandwich meat below 50 degrees F for at least 7.5 hours. This is considered a safe time and temperature range using data from the USDA and Department of Agriculture (report available upon request / clicking this link – use pages 3-4 from Tompkins and omit raw meat info).

The Blossom Bag™ did appear to perform better than the other lunch boxes. However it should be noted that the initial conditions of the sandwich were slightly colder than those for the Go Sport™ and The Picnic Lunch Box™. The refrigerator was approximately 4 degrees F colder which accounts for much of the difference seen in the early part of the test.